90-cm touch control gas cooktop

90-cm Touch Control Gas Cooktop

Model Number: GE9-10

Plano style (built-in flush or semi-flush top)
5 gas burners
Burner for large pans (wok)
Front sensor controls
Programming cooking times for each burner
Programming cooking at low heat intensity
Programming long cooking (up to 4 hours)
GasProtekt with re-ignition
Electronic ignition
Residual heat indicator
Sensor for locking functions and ignition
Grills made of special cast-iron
Cast-iron adapter for large pans
Cast-iron reduction grill for small pans
Connection cable with  plug

Customer Reviews

Melissa Fazzolari
Treat yourself!
What an amazing product to have a touch gas function. I love the fact I can press a button, walk away and I know the stove will light up without a problem and will start cooking. The quality of the product is amazing and at its price point certainly leaves its competitors behind. Even the fluctuating gas feature is amazing. The Italians certainly got it right with this product!

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