Multifunction electronic oven 75 cm

Multifunction Electronic Oven 75 Cm

Model Number: OV7-10

Cooking chamber with XXL capacity
2-source Halogen lighting

Safe door (3 sheets of hypothermic glass)
Tangential cooling ventilation

Standard accessories
2 Pyro-Grey enameled trays
1 metal grill
Roasting jack with spit
2 total-extraction telescopic guides

Touch control panel
14 functions including “PIZZA†and “BREADâ€
Pre-selected, changeable recipe book
Electronic timer and clock
BOOST function for quickly reaching the selected temperature
Thermal probe for measuring the temperature of meats and roasts
Cooking chamber and accessories with Pyro-grey (nickel-free) enamel
Self-cleaning panels for the walls of the cooking chamber
CLEAN function, for assisted cleaning
Energy-efficiency class A

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