Multifunction electronic oven 90 cm

Multifunction Electronic Oven 90 Cm

Model Number: OV9-10

Cooking chamber with XXL capacity
2-source independent Halogen lighting

Safe door (3 sheets of hypothermic glass)
Tangential cooling ventilation

Standard accessories
2 Pyro-Grey enameled trays
1 metal grill
Roasting jack with spit
2 total-extraction telescopic guides

Touch control panel
14 functions including “PIZZA†and “BREADâ€
Electronic timer and clock
BOOST function for quickly reaching the selected temperature
Thermal probe for measuring the temperature of meats and roasts
Cooking chamber and accessories with Pyro-grey (nickel-free) enamel
Self-cleaning panels for the walls of the cooking chamber
CLEAN function, for assisted cleaning
Energy-efficiency class A

Customer Reviews

Usman Javied
electric oven 90cm
Excellent piece of art. Very handy and best part is selfclean. I M LOViN it 😊

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