Multifunction oven 75cm

Multifunction Oven 75cm

Model Number: OVP7-10

Safe door ( Capacity of XXL cooking chamber (123 liters)
Double heating fan elements
Halogen lighting with 3 light sources
6 possible positions for the grills, with quick unlocking

2 chromed, telescopic and totally removable grills
1 enameled tray with anti-splash
2 flat grills

XL display with sensor controls
13 cooking functions including “PIZZA” and “BREAD”
2 pyrolytic self-cleaning functions
Electronic temperature regulation from 50 C to 250 C
Rapid preheating
Preset temperature for each cooking mode
Display of the heat level reached during preheating (from 25% to 100%)
Self-cleaning with pyrolytic cycle at 460 C
Cooking chamber and accessories with Pyro-grey (nickel-free) enamel
Keypad safety-lock function

Customer Reviews

Melissa Fazzolari
Love my oven!
So happy we decided to go with this top of the line product, the slide racks are amazing and I have to keep reminding myself they are there as a feature (why don't all ovens have these?!) They make such a difference! Ive cooked quite possibly the best pavlova ever, amazing potato bakes, pizza's and the list goes on. Yet to test the self clean function but cant wait to do that and im sure it wont let me down. Certainly worth the $$ and the amazing after sales service from Linda also further cements my decision in what I put into my kitchen. Thanks Fulgor!
Bethany Vinson
Love my new kitchen!
I recently updated my kitchen appliances and purchased the big 75cm oven as well as the induction cooktop, combination steam oven, and mixer tap. I am really enjoying the even cooking of the oven. The heavy duty easy slide racks are so convenient. The best feature though is the huge internal capacity plus the pyrolytic cleaning. It is such an easy oven for cooking for my family. The steam oven is so easy to use, food in, timer on & out comes delicious food. I didn't realise I could cook so many foods in the steamer, cheesecake, veggies, muffins & more. The bonus - it is also a second convention oven too, that also cooks really well! Induction cooking is fast, efficient & so easy to clean. I love all the extra benefits like temperature control & combining two areas into one larger area, plus more. It's just so fast - I love that I can get the water boiling for pasta etc in just a few minutes. So convenient when the kids are tired & we need dinner fast!

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