Freestanding or Built under Dishwasher

Freestanding Or Built Under Dishwasher

Model Number: DWF8010

Width 60 cm
Freestanding or built under installation
14 place settings
Sensor controls with display on the top of the door-progress indicated on front panel during operation

Vario basket system with handle
Cutlery rack - third level
Cutlery basket also included
Preparation for multi-tablet detergents
Rinse aid recharge indicator
Possibility of a hot water hook-up (max 70 °C): reduces electricity consumption by 40%.
Three level spray arms

6 programs
Delayed start 1 to 24 hours

Special programs
Express - 1hr

Aqua Stop safety inlet hose

Energy-efficiency 3.5 stars
Water-efficency 4.5 stars
Sound emission 47dB
Annual consumption of electricity: 270 kWh
Annual water consumption: 2772 l

Customer Reviews

Peter William hoh
Quality product
I called the service number concerned about installing this unit as replacement within an existing kitchen given a tight fitting. Gentleman on the phone knew exactly the dimensions after removing the normal lid on the unit. I have used and installed a few as a builder. This is up there quality wise. Its been 2 months and doesn't miss a beat so time will be the judge on long term reliability. My wife who cooks everyday loves this unit. She just uses the one hour wash even for pots although she does a manual pre rinse. It is quiet. Be prepared to do a larger 70mm size cutout at the rear of adjacent underbench unit to link the water line due to the safety valve unit.
James Ryan
Tap on off
Excellent service. Just had a return call within 10 minutes. Tap does not have to be turned off after each use. Dishwasher is very quiet.

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