Induction Cooktop, 60 cm

Induction Cooktop, 60 Cm

Model Number: I6-10

59cm induction cooktop with stainless steel colour graphics
“C“ edges allow full flush installation
Service access from below
4 elements - all with double boosters
High power booster 3.7 kw
Slider touch control with direct access to 14 heating levels
        0-9 power level
        42° C “defrosting/pastryâ€
        70° C “keep warmâ€
        94° C “rice and pastaâ€
        Booster level 1
        Booster level 2
Intuitive control. The relevent slider control is displayed brightly when the pan is in direct proximity.
Multicoloured display. Power display in white, Timer in blue.
4 timers simultaneously useable
Egg timer
Stop and go function
“Bridge“ function enables the two left hand elements to be joined as one huge element

Child safety lock
Auto-Stop (in case of accidental start, extended absence, overflow, over temperature.)
Five residual heat indicaters

220-240 V   50 Hz
7,400 W

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