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Waste Disposal Unit

Waste Disposal Unit

Model Number: WD-01

3/4 HP Heavy Duty
The FULGOR 3/4 HP Deluxe Disposer features the TorqueMaster Balance Grinding System which handles your everyday food waste including chicken bones, vegetable and fruit scraps, coffee grounds as well as table scraps.
SpeedMaster Mounting
Easy mounting
BIO SHIELD (Antimicrobial)
Assists in odour control
The TORQUE MASTER System utilises the 2,700 RPM balanced Permanent Magnet motor with high torque to provide fast grinding with power to cut through potential jams. The FULGOR Disposer has a large grinding chamber for greater capacity. With your food waste going down the disposer, you will provide a cleaner and more convenient kitchen environment for your family.
Stainless steel grinding system
The grinding system and chamber is protected against failure due to corrosion. The cast stainless steel impellers help grind the food waste into the finest particles for easy drainage.
Air switch operated for convenience.

High performance grinding system. The Torque Master grinding system is a combination of computer designed, balanced components working in unison to provide superior torque power combined with maximum grinding speed.

BIO SHIELD (Antimicrobial)
For odour protection the FULGOR Milano waste disposers are treated with an antimicrobial agent moulded in the grinding chamber providing protection against odour causing bacterial growth.

SpeedMaster MOUNTING
The system has only six components and can be installed in a few minutes without the need for tools. It is much faster that the old style 3-bolt system.

There has been no attempt to waste precious cupboard space by covering the disposer in bulky unnecessary “sound insulation”. Most of the noise generated during the short use cycle is coming straight out the sink drain anyway.

Customer Reviews

Vanessa Portors
The Most Powerful Waste Disposal I've Ever Had
When I recently renovated my kitchen, I was so happy to have my Fulgor waste disposal installed. As a busy Mum of 5 children, having a waste disposal dramatically decreases our rubbish and the wheelie bin smells much nicer too! Ive had other waste disposals before but Ive found that my Fulgor waste disposal is the best yet. It easily handles mango seeds and corn cobs that my previous disposal systems struggled with. Ive told all my friends that that they need a Fulgor waste disposal too!

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